an intercultural agency
embracing human understanding

Our commonalities are as meaningful as our differences.



Nuanced insights build a foundation
for universal understanding.


Arbitrary divisions hinder openness
and connection.

we speak

to humanity beyond ethnicity and language, beyond gender and sexuality, beyond physical and mental capabilities.

we celebrate

nuances of culture and experience, valuing the whole identity of the individual.

we promote

meaningful exchange over mere tolerance, making deeper connections to achieve greater understanding.

what we do

DRUMM breaks down barriers to impact meaningful interaction between our clients and their increasingly complex audiences. Leading with human insight, we identify universal truths that reflect cultural nuances to develop communications that connect with consumers on an individual level.

how we do it

Human understanding is at the core of everything we do. DRUMM assembles specialized project teams to ensurecultural context and sensitivity. We then synthesize a blendof research — primary and secondary as well as qualitative and quantitative — curating insights that shape content development and leverage our expertise in marketing and cultural adaptation.

who we are

Drumm is a partnership between Lili Hall, president and CEO of KNOCK, inc., a creative agency, and Elisabete Miranda, president of CQ fluency, a language translation and cultural adaptation company. We seek to bring greater human understanding to our individual and collective worlds through expertise in marketing, communication and design.

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We each share the similarity of a heart that pounds with the world around it.

To feel emotion is the culture of thehuman race, but we are challenged bythe complexities of communication.

we believe

if we make the effort to listen andunderstand, our hearts can beat as one.

Drumm Intercultural Consultancy